TV Signal Rental

We offer a television signal rental service within our channel selection for the residential market, provided by Gtd Manquehue and Telefónica del Sur, which can be used as a direct marketing tool segmented among our subscribers. This solution is ideal for transmitting a story or a value proposal to the public.

The service can be used to publicize detailed information on company products, promotions, achievements, customer experiences, etc., at a very low operating cost, which can increase the value and recognition of the company's brand.

Service Features:

  • The is an exclusive service that allows you to broadcast your content 24 hrs/day.
  • You can select whether you want the channel to be seen by a group of subscribers, or open to all Gtd Manquehue and Telefónica del Sur customers.
  • “Gtd My Channel” is a user-friendly, web-based streaming platform that enables you to broadcast TV channels according to a specified schedule. This is all managed from a single dedicated web access.
  • Over 6,500 subscribers in the ABC1 sector.
  • Over 30,000 homes passed.
  • Available in over 18 districts in Santiago (real estate projects with properties valued above UF 2,500).
  • Sustained portfolio growth at Gtd Manquehue (over 50,000 customers).