IP Television (IPTV)

The IP television service provides digital television through our fiber-optic network. This service provides various high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) channels depending on the plan chosen.

The digital television service has 3 fixed groups of channels. The service requires the installation of a digital IP Set Top Box (STB) for each television. Additional channels and packs of channels can be independently purchased from a wide range of options available.

The service can also include customized logos, colors and backgrounds that have been especially designed for your business and a preset home channel. It can be integrated with your systems and include other value-added services such as:

  • Private video distribution service (own channel):

Development and implementation of a channel with exclusive company content for transmission within your internal cable TV network. Administration is web based using the Gtd MyChannel application. This tool enables you to create and manage custom content on your own TV channel.

  • Interactivity service:

The Gtd Customized Widget application converts your television into a vehicle to publicize your services, promotions and others. It uses icons, which can be accessed from the interactive portal in the main menu or from the Widget Portal if you have customized it.