VSAT Satellite Link

We provide connectivity services that use satellite links to transmit data to geographically distant or hard-to reach sites, where a physical link is not currently possible. We have developed a network based on VSAT technology, which enables us to place antennas anywhere in Chile and the southern cone.

Service Features:

  • Our technology provides accessibility and connectivity to remote locations that are far from fixed and wireless networks.
  • This service provides your company with sharing rates of 1:1 or 1:4.
  • A variety of antenna types are available to meet your needs.
  • The VSAT system is easy to install and antennas can be quickly placed on decks, roofs or on the ground.
  • The VSAT system provides the following services: High-speed Internet in any place in Chile or the southern cone, access to your corporate data network, access to remote offices and telephone services.
  • We can provide fixed (standard) antennas or auto-tracking antennas, which are constantly adjusted.

This service can also be used as backup VSAT link for a copper or fiber-optic cable network, thereby ensuring connectivity should any link fail. This solution improves service uptime at a low cost.