Link Balancing

Gtd Teleductos understands that companies and organizations increasingly rely on the Internet. Any delay or disruption in this connectivity can cause serious problems, such as a loss of productivity or business opportunities and damage to the corporate image. To mitigate this risk, we offer a link balancing service, where special equipment balances the data loads within a LAN network between various WAN connections, in order to maintain a steady Internet connection.


Service Features:

  • This service combines dedicated lines and broadband connections to increase data transfer speed and ensure that applications operate efficiently.
  • This efficient system is fault tolerant to ensure stable and reliable bandwidth.
  • The speed and error rate of the WAN connection lines are continuously monitored, and the data load is balanced as necessary. It changes connections if any link fails.
  • It combines various WAN connections to increase bandwidth. Installation is simple and quick. The existing infrastructure does not need to be modified.
  • The features of the link can be closely monitored through a user interface. 
  • The combination of reliable connections and guaranteed performance of multiple WAN connections ensures uninterrupted business for any organization.